Q: Who can use PrimeAspire?

PrimeAspire is open to anyone that seeks to complete freelance tasks and projects or those looking to hire skilled people to complete projects on freelance basis. PrimeAspire is used by both seasoned freelancers and by skilled people simply looking to earn extra cash.


Primeaspire is a marketplace and can therefore be used by anyone, don't limit yourself!    


Q: How many jobs can I post for free on PrimeAspire?

Posting tasks on PrimeAspire is completely free and there is no limit to the number of jobs you can post. We simply ask that you use responsibly. 


Q: Do freelancers bid for projects on PrimeAspire?                                                                                                                                  

No. We know that freelancers don't like bidding against each other, so we've designed PrimeAspire with this in mind. If you see a project that matches your skills, then simply send a direct proposal for that project telling the user about your ability to complete the project and at what price. We like to keep things simple at PrimeAspire so we've left out the arduous process of bidding for projects. No bids just send proposals.


Q: Is PrimeAspire really free?

Yes! PrimeAspire is free to use and we intend to keep it that way.

For users that receive payment through PrimeAspire Escrow there is a small fee charged to administer the Escrow system. You will be clearly notified of any charges before you decide to receive payment through Escrow and you can either proceed or decline to use the Escrow system. 


Q: Must I pay a freelancer through PrimeAspire Escrow system?

No. Users and freelancers are able to agree the structure and method of payment that is right for them. However, we encourage users to pay freelancers through PrimeAspire Escrow in order to give freelancers confidence of getting paid for the work they do, and to ensure that users get the work they pay for. Payments made outside PrimeAspire Escrow cannot be protected by PrimeAspire and will not be covered by our Money Back Guarantee.  


Q: How does the escrow system work?

Escrow on PrimeAspire is a system that allows a user to deposit funds into their escrow account for a specific job without actually transferring the money to the freelancer. The escrow account is securely protected by PrimeAspire. The money deposited can be seen by the freelancer and gives the freelancer confidence to start working on the project. Once the job is completed the user can then release the funds from the escrow account to the freelancer. If something goes wrong then PrimeAspire is able to step in to resolve any issue. 


Q: How does the Money Back Guarantee work? 

As long as you've complied with the terms of the Money Back Guarantee, then you will be issued a refund if you don't receive the work you've paid for. (Read more about Money Back Guarantee here.) 


Q: What is my tax liability?

As a freelancer you are responsible for paying your own tax. Each country and region will have its own tax laws, so we suggest you refer to your local tax laws to determine your tax liability.

For more information please get in touch with us at support@primeaspire.com