• Startups are fuelling economic growth and creating jobs

    Aug 06 , 2016

      The importance of startups can no longer be downplayed. Startups have a prominent role to play in our economy and must be afforded every opportunity possible to su [...]

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  • The National Freelancers Day

    Nov 21 , 2014

    On the 19th of November freelancers in the UK celebrated the National Freelancers Day (NFD) and with more than 4.6 million freelancers in the UK the NFD is steadily becoming a pr [...]

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  • Some interesting facts about freelancing

    Oct 14 , 2014

    As more and more people than ever before are choosing to go solo as freelancers we've put together some amazing facts about freelancing to highlight the benefits of this mode [...]

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  • Funding Your Startup Business

    Sep 24 , 2014

    Starting a business is an exciting process and there will be the inevitable ups and downs – indeed, it is this very rollercoaster process that attracts many entrepreneurial [...]

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  • New Profile Design on ‎PrimeAspire

    Aug 03 , 2014

    You may have noticed that we recently redesigned the layout of freelancers' profiles on PrimeAspire to enable freelancers to better showcase their portfolios and offer their [...]

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  • Good Freelancers

    Jul 15 , 2014

    Recently we've been considering what makes a good freelancer and we’ve come to the conclusion that Speed and Nimbleness are two key traits of successful freelancers. We [...]

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  • The World Cup Buzz at PrimeAspire

    Jun 14 , 2014

    Oh yes, we've caught the World Cup fever and even though we're nowhere near Brazil we've managed to get into the samba mood. The PrimeAspire team is made up of severa [...]

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  • Getting the best out of PrimeAspire

    Jun 06 , 2014

    If you are reading this post then you’ve either joined PrimeAspire or you’re thinking of joining this marketplace. If you decide to sign up then you’ll be joini [...]

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  • We are 3 months old!

    May 19 , 2014

    Saturday 17 May was exactly three months since we launched PrimeAspire to the public. From the outset, we set out to create a freelance marketplace where users can find freelance [...]

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